Given the cost of new doors and windows, it is hardly surprising that many homeowners, in Toronto and elsewhere, delay the decision to fit them in their properties as long as possible. However, when you look at the possible consequences of not installing new units in your home, you may change your mind and decide that the sooner you have the work done, the better. Firstly, new vinyl units may not be as expensive as you think and secondly, the cost of not replacing old doors and windows could be more than you had previously imagined.

Why Your Windows and Doors Should Be Replaced

Before you decide to put off replacing yours, consider the possible consequences of doing so, as outlined below.

  • Higher Utility Bills – Older windows provide less insulation than modern units, as do older doors with panes of glass in them. This means that if you have particularly old doors and windows in your home, you could be paying more to heat and cool it than is really necessary. To establish exactly how much you could save by installing replacements, you should talk to a reputable contractor.
  • Less Security – Windows and doors that feature single panes of glass are an open invitation for opportunist thieves in the area as they are very easy to break. Modern glass units, with at least 2 panes that are separated by a vacuum, are considerably more difficult to break. While far from impossible to gain entry through such units, the amount of time it would take and the attendant noise are enough to put off most potential intruders.
  • Lower Property Value – Whether you wish to sell your home in the near future or borrow money on the capital invested in it, based on an appraisal from your bank, brand new windows and doors will increase its value and should therefore put you in a better bargaining position. While you may not recoup the total cost of replacement in the event of a sale, you will be able to enjoy the other benefits pointed out in this list until you decide to move on.
  • Less Curb Appeal – Even with a fresh coat of paint, new shingles, eavestroughs, soffits and fascia board, your home will still look a little shabby if your doors and windows have seen better days. Installing replacements is a great way to give an otherwise nice looking Toronto property an instant and dramatic facelift.
  • More Maintenance Work – Whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you, there is no getting away from the fact that wood-framed windows and wooden doors require more care and attention than their vinyl and aluminum counterparts. If you prefer the idea of a good-looking, low maintenance property, you should seriously consider having replacement windows and doors fitted in the near future.
  • A Noisier Home – The insulating properties that make modern vinyl units such a good choice for those who are trying to create an energy-efficient home have the added benefit of providing better isolation from outdoor noise. If you decide to put off replacing your current doors and windows, there is a very good chance that your home environment will be much noisier than it really needs to be. For peace and quiet, as well as peace of mind, new vinyl units are well worth considering.


If you are convinced that now would be a very good time to replace the windows and doors in your property, please feel free to get in touch with us to arrange for a free no-obligation estimate.