Double-hung window gives a classy appearance to your home and keep the warmth during the chilly winter months. Besides this it has additional benefits like you can release the top pane along with the bottom pane for additional airflow. Its versatility helps save space.

Our double-hung window has the combination of looks and functionality that can suit any kind of d?cor. It is a double window mounted on top of the other and has sliding abilities and forms a single window casement. It is designed in such a manner that the lower sash slides in front of the top sash vertically in separate grooves in the side jambs that enable every slide to separate and come together. Each sash has springs, compression weather stripping to hold it firmly in its place. Both the sashes can be easily opened and tilted inwards to facilitate scrubbing, cleaning, removing, painting or repair. This is the reason why they have become so popular among masses.

Thus when it comes to change your window panes, opt out for our flexible double-hung window. They help to create a fresher and brighter openness to your kitchen or room. Their flexible ventilation settings actually boost energy with ultra-violet protection shield. They are able to cool the house with their adjustable opening and settings and give a classic look to your home from inside and outside.

Our double-hung windows are famous for their ergonomic and are best used where there is less space like patios, decks or walkways. They can be installed with the same casing and frames as the traditional windows. Installing is very easy and you can do it all yourself with proper tools and if you can truly follow the instructions or process or you can even hire our professional window installer. Remember, a poorly installed window will damage the look as well as allow heat to escape out. Our professional window installer can guide you and also recommend the best window for your house.

Our windows will enhance the outer look, the exterior design of your house and in turn add to the value of the house. By utilizing assorted fabrics and our decorative hardware you can beautify the interior of your house and can create a charming effect to your entire room.

Thus, if you have cramped areas and corners, our double hung windows are the best choice. Moreover, they are easy to install and maintain. They are commonly used in single and double storey homes. Replacement is available in assorted sizes, styles, and colors. All you need to do is mail us or call us and you will find ample choices with images to select from. They are also available in traditional wood frames or sturdier rot resistant aluminum or vinyl frames. You can also use low consumption glass, fancy grills, and real pine interiors to intensify the beauty of this type of window.

Our windows can be arranged in various ways like a single unit or double or in group of three or more. Whatever your purpose, our double-hung window is gaining popularity due to its versatile and flexible nature.