Residences, commercial complexes or institution like schools, colleges, etc, all have means of egress which are secured by using some sort of doors and frames to keep inclement weather or pesky insects outside. When any kind of entrance requires strength, security, durability or maximum fire resistance in any combination, then our steel doors and frames provide the quality that will meet your demands and needs.

We offer several choices when it comes to selecting an exterior door for your home. The three commonly used exterior doors are wood, fibreglass and steel. Several factors will influence your decision when selecting your doors, like location, door style or design, your taste, theme, and your budget. A good-quality steel door is one of the best door types on our list and equally fits the trend in the market.

If you are unsure which door you should select then weigh the pros and cons of each door type to find the one that appeals to you the best. You must consider factors like climatic conditions, the importance of safety and security and also the decorative options if that is your taste.

But why should you purchase our steel doors? The reason behind this is:
Our steel doors are the most efficient, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting of all the three types of doors. Although, they do have certain limitations and are not as decorative and showy, or attractive but they are the best option for you if you are living in areas that are subject to harsh weather.
They are strong enough to stand up high winds or torrential rains.
The other plus point is that they do not chip, crack warp, and have negligible effects of weather on them.
They do not wear and tear and degenerate like wood.
They can even be available in fireproof material as well.
Plus, steel doors can prevent the spreading of fire.
They can be dented but at the same time can also be repaired.
They are the least expensive door options.
They require maintenance but only in the long run.
Our hollow metal doors and frames can be formulated and designed to be weather and bug resistant.
If you are looking for exterior or interior doors for commercial purposes, then our Hollow Metal Door is the best that will serve your purpose. They are made of thin sheets that have various thicknesses ranging from 1.2mm to 14 to 16 mm gauge on average. Because of the complexity of modern hardware devices, it is better you get a professional advice from our experts and choose the right sized door and frames when ordering steel doors.

We follow the norms set by the manufacturers association and are frames and doors are constructed that abide by the standards. You are welcome to visit our product page and check our quality standards and competitive prices. We can even manufacture doors as per your requirements and are looking forward to establish a long lasting professional relationship with you. Awaiting!!!