EZ Screen 3 Single Door


Easy Screen 3 is the ideal screen solution for all windows and doors thanks to the folded mesh sash system.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to operate
  • 100% polyester, rain and sun-heat resistant mesh
  • Adjustable Height and Width
  • Low Threshold for easy access
  • Multicolor options


Thanks to pliable pleated mesh it can be mounted on doors providing a decorative look, easy set-up and ease of use.
EZ Screen 3 main features:

  • Provides ability to move easily with lower threshold.
  • Can be moved towards wherever it is desired simply by hand.
  • Multiple colour option.
  • Hidden setting system.
  • The nets used are 100% polyester providing water and sun resistance.
  • There are wind stoppers on the lower panels.
  • It is possible to make it double ply for extra durability.

Closed profile system
Thanks to this system, foreign matters such as dust and dirt are not collected in your profile during opening and closing the window.
Double System
The EZ Screen 3 can work up to 3150 mm as standard and up to 6000 mm as double with custom production.
Adjustable Length and width
Both length and width can be adjusted easily.
Spring-free system
The EZ Screen 3 is not using springs which makes it silent, durable and longer lasting
Wind stopper
The wind stopper mechanism prevents the pleated net from getting out of the profile rail in windy weathers. At the same time, it operates as a security stop. It also helps the sashes to move on its own platform. Thanks to wind stopper mechanism the mesh is not affected by the pushes, pulls or wind.
Low threshold
The EZ Screen 3 rides inside a 1 cm Bottom Profile and the bottom rail stands out about one eighth of an inch or 1 millimetre high.