The windows in the basement serve an important function.  Usually, basement is darker area of the house and is not frequently visited by any members of the family. Our basement windows allow natural light to enter the basement and keep the atmosphere less humid.Old basement windows allow seepage of unwanted groundwater to enter a home during the rainy season.  Thus, the best choice is to swap out the old, worn and less effective basement window with a new one.

If you are designing a new home, remodeling, or simply installing replacement to basement windows, the choice of windows generally lies between the three different ones that we have:

  • Hopper windows:  This is the basic and standard basement window.  It is the least expensive one but we offer a wide range of options in sizes.  This type hinges to the bottom of the window frame and opens by slightly tilting inward from the top.  This is the reason why the window screen is installed on the outside of the hopper window frame.
  • Slider window:  Also known as glider windows.  They glide or slide from side to side.  They are best suited for larger windows and where there is limited room space.  They are generally more practical and affordable.  The screen on slider basement window may be either on its side or on the outside of the window frame.
  • Awning window:  This type is the most expensive and has a contemporary style and offer more design variety as compared to the top two.  This is very commonly used in coastal areas.  Awning window is hinged to the top of the window frame and open out by swinging from the bottom.  As it tilts towards an angle, it can be opened for ventilation even if it rains or snows.  The window screen is installed on the inner side of the window frame.

Basement is an area which may be unfurnished, unfinished and has only junk or it can be fully furnished and be a part of your extended home.  Anyway, basement window must allow air and light and be secured enough to protect from burglars.  You need to concentrate on its security as an intruder can have access to your home via basement.

You can even consider using our grill fixing or using our security bars to the basement window to protect your house.  Our window security film is another option to protect basement from burglary and the third option is glass blocks or bricks.  We offer solid and sturdy glass blocks allowing light to penetrate in the basement.  They are translucent are tough and extremely resistant to shattering.

Besides providing light and fresh air, basement window must also serve as an emergency exit in case of fire.  Window must be large enough to allow entry or exit in case of unknown circumstances.  Our window is at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches tall and the bottom sill is 44 inches above the sill floor.  Basement window must be functional and you must see that you open the window at least once a month.

Remember, our quality basement window can give you light and circulation and also add value to your property and at the same time make a dingy dark place livelier.