Bay windows are specially designed traditional windows and made differently and stick outside from the home. They usually highlight a stunning view such as beach, ocean, meadow, or a garden.They are often designed with window seats so that people can sit, enjoy the view or relax and read a book. Bay windows are very common in houses which have Victorian architecture style.

Bay windows that we offer consists of a box style window which juts out, protrude out from the house.You can fill this box with plants or ornaments or adorn it fish aquarium or artificial plants to enhance its beauty. The box is designed to start below the original head height and you can install it in kitchen or over a sink to provide light and a beautiful view. The most common shape for this style window that we have is polygonal or trapezoidal.But we can even customize windows as per your requirements.

Generally our bay window is three sided. Basically, there are three windows, one is parallel to the walls inside and two come off the side of the front window. In this way you can add 2-3 feet length to the room.Width depends on the size of the windows installed and the angles of the two slanted sides. The area that is created by this box is called bay thus the name BAY WINDOW.

The additional space caused by the bay may be utilized to display a piece of art or you can install a window seat or serve as a breakfast corner.Typically, the space is very large from the ceiling to floor and it allows a lot of natural light to the room. This is a great space to do exercise, aerobics, and listen to music or trying your hand at painting.

Full bay windows increase the cost of your home. But, home owners feel that this expense is worth the view and light that it brings along with it.However, when installing bay window, please think ahead about the view. The protrusion should be towards a nice, beautiful view and not staring at a neighbor’s fence or an empty barren land. Also, bay windows should give you peace and not attract others towards your window, so keep in mind all these things and then install bay window.You can avail free consultations from our professionals and install bay window at the best location.

Bay windows add additional length and projects outside the main building, so it needs special permit for building.Special support will be needed if you are located on a second floor and there is no window space underneath or above it. Window length totally depends on individual discretion. You can have a full length from ceiling to floor or just start below the ceiling and extend to several feet above the floor.

Bay window space is sometimes used to grow plants that need a lot of sunlight. You can even top this window with a glass roof to create a tiny greenhouse. If the view outside is not appealing, you can have a lush foliage in the outward projected area.

Our well designed bay window with good drapes intensifies the beauty of your interior as well as gives you the exterior view and privacy whenever you need it.