You will also find casement windows here. They are a good option for many parts of your home. Many people have reverted to that historic look for some areas of their home.

Casement windows are those which are attached to their frame from one side with the help of hinges. They usually open with crank handles and have a very safe locking system, preventing a break-in.Casement windows are also preferred because they open completely. You can have one that opens inside but mostly people go for outward-opening ones, as they are easy to maintain and paint. Because they are the only windows which open to their fullest, they can easy let in the breeze even the side breeze allowing your home to breathe in fresh air.

Due to this quality of casement windows, they are also preferred for the attics, which is the part of our home most deserving to receive some sunlight and fresh air. Most clients usually prefer the ones that are hinged from the top for the attics. A fly screen is placed inside and the windows can be controlled by the help of a lever, which is also fixed inside. Such windows are also a good option for the kitchen.