As any Toronto homeowner who’s replaced their windows knows, choosing your new windows’ style, frame material, colour, and trim is only the beginning. After all of that, you have to take out your old window, prepare the empty space, cart that heavy piece of glass into your home, and install it. Often, poorly installed windows lead to cold drafts, higher utility costs, and repair issues later on down the road.

Needless to say, window installation is not a project you want to DIY.

That’s why at Toronto Doors and Windows, we not only provide our customers with stylish, functional, high-tech windows that look beautiful in your home and last for years, we also specialize in stress- and hassle-free window installation. With over 15 years of experience in choosing, installing, and replacing windows and doors, our team has got the process down to a tee!

Professional Window Installation from Toronto Doors and Windows

Our expert window installation team provides a number of different options to fit your schedule and your budget, including:

  • Window Replacement – Retrofit installations are easy, fast, and cheap, and one of the most popular options at Toronto Doors and Windows. We’ll simply swap out old glass for new, leaving your trim and frame intact.
  • Full-Frame Installation – This installation option involves taking out and replacing the existing window frames, window jamb, and trim before installing all-new windows that upgrade your home and complement its look and feel.
  • New Construction Installation – For a completely remodelled look, we’ll remove the exterior materials as well as interior to reveal the studs and start from scratch. This involved process is best for larger home projects. Our installers will remove the old window’s frames, sash, trim, and glass, and replace the entire area with your new design.

When you buy windows from Toronto Doors and Windows, you not only get the best windows for the best price, but you also get professional window installation with:

  • Windows Expertise – Experienced installers who are professionally trained to manufacturer specifications on all of our products from vinyl windows to tilt and turn windows.
  • Damage Guarantees – A warranty on our products and services that even transfers to new homeowners if you decide to sell.
  • Free Quotes – Free in-home or online estimates for the cost of your windows and installation services.
  • Speedy Service – Fast and efficient installers who will be in and out of your home before you know it.
  • Less Stress – Professional workers who treat your home like it’s their own, leaving you with just your beautiful windows, no lingering mess for you to clean up.
  • Honest Pricing – Up-front pricing with no hidden costs or surprise zeros at the end of your bill.
  • Reliable Workers – Workers who show up on time and leave your home looking better than before.

High-quality window installation from us means more savings, better performance, higher home market value, and better energy efficiency for you!

For great window installations at an unbeatable price, contact Toronto Doors and Windows today!